Status LEDs (LED Control Lines)

Every Tibbo device has two status LEDs — green and yellow — that indicate various device modes and states. We refer to these LEDs as "Status Green" (SG) and "Status Red" (SR). These LEDs are used:

  • By Tibbo OS (TiOS):
    • When a Tibbo BASIC/C app is not running, these LEDs show the current state of the device
    • When a Tibbo BASIC/C app is running, the status LEDs are under the app's control through the pat. object (see the TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual)

Many Tibbo programmable devices also have a "Status Yellow" (SY) LED. This LED is commonly used to indicate that a network link has been established, but it serves other functions in certain situations.

Three devices — the EM500, EM510, and DS1100 — are a special case: they do not have an SY LED. Instead, the network link status is indicated through the brightness of the SG and SR LEDs. When a live Ethernet cable is not plugged into the device, SG and SR "play" patterns at reduced brightness. When a live Ethernet cable is plugged in, these LEDs "play" patterns at full brightness. This is a patented feature that we refer to as "dual-function LEDs."