Ordering Info and Specifications

The RJ203 device is only available in a single configuration and can be order as "RJ203".

The RJ203 can also be ordered in combination with the EM203 (documented in the "Serial-over-IP Solutions Manual") or EM1206 module. To receive the RJ203 and EM203 pre-assembled together, please specify "RJ203+EM203" on your order. To receive the RJ203 and EM1206 pre-assembled together, please specify "RJ203+EM1206" on your order.


Jack type

Standard RJ45 Ethernet jack

Magnetics type

10/100BaseT, designed to work with DAVICOM DM9000B Ethernet controller

Operating temperature

-20 to +70 degrees C

Operating relative humidity


Mechanical dimensions (excl. leads)

31.0x20.0x15.5 mm


RJ203 devices and RJ203+EM1206 module combination: tray, 30 modules/tray

RJ203+EM203 module combination: tube, 10 modules/tube

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