Last update: 26JAN2022

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This Manual has the following sections:

Important notes:

  • This manual should be used in conjunction with the TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual — a separate resource that documents Tibbo BASIC/C, TIDE software, hardware "platforms," and everything else required for successful development of Tibbo BASIC/C applications.
  • This manual does not include any information on fixed-function, non-programmable Tibbo devices, such as the original EM100 module or the DS100 serial device server. The data on these devices can be found in the "Serial-over-IP Solutions Manual" — a separate document.
  • Some Tibbo devices are dual-use in nature. Depending on the loaded firmware, any dual-use product can be a fixed-function, serial-over-IP device, or a BASIC-programmable controller. Dual-use devices are documented in this manual as well as the "Serial-over-IP Solutions Manual". This manual describes each such device as a BASIC-programmable one, while the "Serial-over-IP Solutions Manual" describes the same device as a serial device server.