Ordering Info and Specifications

Use the following model numbers to order the IB1005 and SB1005 boards. Normally, you will want to order both boards "in parallel":


The IB1005 board and LB1001 LED board mounted on the IB1005 and connected to the latter with the LC1000 cable. Also included is the TB1005 test board.


The SB1005 supplementary board. Order this board "in parallel" with the IB1005.

Note: the IB1005 and SB1005 plug into each other. No soldering is required to interconnect them.

Hardware specifications

Opto-isolated inputs

8 channels:

- channels 1-4: 2V-15V input range, can be used to connect card readers

- channels 5-8: 5-50V input range


6 relays, 30VDC/16A or 250VAC/15A

Serial port lines

RS232 mode: RX, TX

RS485 mode: RX+/-, TX+/-


Up to 460800bps

Operating temperature

-30 to +80 degrees C

Operating relative humidity




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