Wireless Add-on Port, Wi-Fi Communications

The wireless add-on port of the EM2001 is a separate 10-pin connector.

This port carries 5 general-purpose I/O lines. When a wireless add-on module, such as the WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on, is plugged into the EM2001, these lines are used for interfacing to this add-on. In the absence of a wireless module these 5 lines may be used as general-purpose input/output lines.

It should be noted that the WA2000 can be controlled through any five I/O lines of the EM2001. Obviously, the lines on the wireless add-on port are the most convenient for the task as the connector pinout matches that of the WA2000. Nonetheless, it is always possible to connect the WA2000 by wires, in which case any combination of I/O lines can be used for communicating with it.

For more details on Wi-Fi communications see TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual (wln. object).