External LCD Support

Unlike the EM1001 device, the EM2001 device does not offer flexible mapping for LCD control lines, nor does it support several different LCD controller models. The only controller supported is SSD1964. Moreover, only one specific configuration is supported:

  • Data bus width is 8 bits
  • Color depth is 24 bits

Here is how you must connect the SSD1964-based LCD controller to the EM2001:

  • Connect the data bus lines DB7-0 to GPIO lines 32-39 (port 4).
  • Connect the RST line to GPIO44.
  • Connect the RS (command/data) line to GPIO43.
  • Connect the WR line to GPIO42.
  • Optionally connect the RD line to GPIO41 (this line is not used on the current driver version but may be used in the future).
  • Connect the CS line to GPIO40.
  • Note that most LCD panels have a dedicated pin for controlling the backlight. If your LCD panel has such a line, connect it to any suitable line of the EM2001 and control it from your Tibbo BASIC/C code.

"Programmable Hardware Manual" provides an initialization example for the LCD. See THE REFERENCE -> Platforms -> EM2000W -> Working with the LCD.