Ordering Info and Specifications

Device numbering scheme is as follows:


512K devices are no longer available.

If the flash memory size is omitted, 1024K option is implied.

To order the EM1206 in combination with the RJ203 module, use the "RJ203+EM1206" ordering code. This code means that the RJ203 and the EM1206 will come pre-assembled together.

Examples of valid model numbers

Model number



EM1206 with 1024KBytes of flash memory, configured for mating with the RJ203


EM1206 with 1024KBytes of flash, in combination with the RJ203


EM1206 with 1024KBytes of flash memory, configured for mating with the host PCB

Hardware specifications

Ethernet interface

10/100BaseT Ethernet, Auto-MDIX, magnetics not built-in

Serial ports

4 ports, CMOS-level.

UART capabilities

Baudrates up to 921'600bps; none/even/odd/mark/space parity and 7/8 bits/character.

Number of I/O lines

17 lines, all lines are 5V-tolerant;

16 lines are combined into five 8-bit ports;

8 lines can be used as interrupt lines.

Max. load current for each I/O line


Square wave generator

6Hz - 22'1184MHz, primarily intended for driving external buzzer

Real-time counter (RTC)

40 bit, increments at 128Hz, has its own backup power input

Clock frequency

11.0592MHz with PLL off

88.4736MHz with PLL on

Flash memory

1024KBytes, entire memory minus 64KB is available to store Tibbo BASIC/C application and data.

Typical write endurance is 100'000 write cycles per 256-byte sector. See the warning in Flash and EEPROM Memory.

EEPROM memory

2048 bytes, 2020 bytes available to store application data.

Typical write endurance is around 1'000'000 write cycles per 16-byte EEPROM sector. See Prolonging and Estimating EEPROM life.

Nominal power supply voltage (VCC pin)

DC 3.3V, +/- 5%

Reset circuit trip voltage (VCC pin)

3.0V on power-up (i.e. when the voltage on VCC is rising)

2.9V on brown-out (i.e. when the voltage on VCC is dropping)

Operating current (VCC pin), excluding hardware consumed by an add-on modules plugged into the EM1000

40mA with PLL off, Ethernet cable unplugged

50mA with PLL off, 10BaseT mode

110mA with PLL off, 100BaseT mode

160mA with PLL on, Ethernet cable unplugged

170mA with PLL on, 10BaseT mode

230mA with PLL on, 100BaseT mode

Nominal backup voltage (VCCB pin)


Backup current (VCCB pin)

1mA when the EM1000 is running (3.3V on VCC)

13uA when the EM1000 is not powered (0V on VCC)

Operating temperature

-40 to +70 degrees C

Operating relative humidity


Mechanical dimensions (excl. leads)


Pin diameter



Tray, 30 modules/tray

* Implemented in (supported through) firmware.

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