Ordering Info

The EM1000-TEV has several versions available. The numbering scheme is as follows:

EM1000-TEV numbering system

The following is included into each EM1000-TEV:

  • The TEV-MB0 board with the EM1000-512K-ST or EM1000-1024K-ST module (see EM1000 Ordering Info for details).
  • Additionally, the WA2000 Wi-Fi module and antenna are installed if option "N" is specified.
  • The TEV-KB0 keypad board.
  • The TEV-LBx display board of your choice.
  • Two TEV-IB0 boards, installed on ports 1 and 2.
  • Two TEV-IB1 boards, installed on ports 3 and 4.
  • Two TB100 terminal block adapters.
  • One 12V/1A power adapter.
  • One WAS-1499 "straight" Ethernet cable. Good for crossover connections as well, since the EM1000 supports Auto-MDIX.
  • One WAS-P0005(B) serial cable. Can be used for firmware upgrades through the serial port.

Additionally, any board or accessory from the EM1000-TEV system can be purchased separately.