Setup (MD) Button (Line)

Tibbo boards and external controllers (such as the EM2001 and DS1101) have a button called "setup" or "MD" button ("MD" stands for "mode"). Tibbo modules (such as the EM2000) have an MD pin (line).

The setup button (line) has three functions:

  • When a Tibbo BASIC/C application is running, it can use the button for its own purposes (see the button. object in the TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual).
  • When the device is password-protected, keeping the button pressed (line pulled LOW) while accessing the device from TIDE allows the password to be bypassed. This is the way to reset the password on the device.
  • When the device is powered up (exits from a hardware reset) with the button pressed (line pulled LOW), it boots into the Monitor/Loader (M/L).