Connectors and Controls

  • Each Bus Probe has a detachable terminal block with four terminals: ground (GND), power (+V), as well as the RS485+ and RS485– lines of the RS485 signal pair.

    • BP#05 has an additional detachable terminal block with two terminals for connecting its companion sensor cable.
  • By default, the RS485 port operates at 38,400-8-N-1.

    • Starting from firmware version V1.02, the baudrate is user-configurable.
    • Starting from firmware version V1.06, the parity is user-configurable.
    • If two stop bits are required, the parity can be set to the mark mode, which is equivalent to 8-N-2 (8 bits of data, no parity, and two stop bits).
  • When using an RS485 bus of substantial length, do not forget to add 120Ω termination resistors on both ends of the bus (see Note 1 in the diagram).

  • The MD button* has two uses:

  • Status LEDs display a number of device states and errors.

  • Mounting holes can be used to attach Probes to flat surfaces.

* Each Bus Probe comes with a metal pin that makes pushing and holding down the MD button easier.