.resettype R/O Property


Returns the type of the most recent hardware reset.


Enum (pl_sys_reset_type, byte)

Value Range:

  • 0 — PL_SYS_RESET_TYPE_INTERNAL: The most recent reset was generated internally.
  • 1 — PL_SYS_RESET_TYPE_EXTERNAL: The most recent reset was generated externally.

See Also:

sys.currentpll, sys.runmode, sys.reboot, sys.halt


Internal resets are generated when the device self-reboots. This can be caused by the execution of sys.reboot in your application or on command from TIDE.

External resets are the ones that are caused by power-cycling (turning the device off and back on) or applying a reset pulse to the RST line of the device (pushing the reset button).

.resettype R/O Property