.base Property


Sets/returns the base address of the EEPROM from which the area available to your application starts.



Value Range:

1 - <actual memory capacity>, default = <size of special configuration area> + 1

See Also:

stor. Object, stor.size


By default, the value returned by this property is the address of the first EEPROM location just above the special configuration area. For example, if the size of the special configuration area on your platform is 28 bytes, then stor.base will return 29 by default.

This default value makes sure that your application won't overwrite the MAC or password. When you are accessing the EEPROM using the stor.setdata or stor.getdata methods, you specify the start address. The actual physical address you access is start_address + stor.base - 1.

If your application needs to change some parameters in the configuration area, you can set stor.base to 1 — this way you will have access to the entire memory.

.base Property