.inbandcommands Property


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num), specifies whether inband command passing is allowed.


Enum (no_yes, byte)

Value Range:

  • 0 — NO (default): inband commands are not allowed.
  • 1 — YES: inband commands are allowed.

See Also:

Working With Inband Commands


Inband commands are messages passed within the TCP data stream. Each message has to be formatted in a specific way — see the sock.escchar and sock.endchar properties.

Inband commands are not possible for UDP communications, so this setting is irrelevant when sock.protocol = 1 — PL_SOCK_PROTOCOL_UDP. Inband messaging will work even when redirection (buffer shorting) is enabled for the socket (see the sock.redir method). The program won't be able to change the value of this property when the socket is not idle (sock.statesimple <> 0 — PL_SSTS_CLOSED).

A warning note icon.Do not enable buffer redirection for a socket using TLS encryption.  

.inbandcommands Property