.getinband Method


For the selected socket (selection is made through sock.num), returns the string that contains the data extracted from the CMD buffer.


sock.getinband() as string


String containing data from the CMD buffer

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The CMD buffer accumulates inband commands. The extracted data is permanently deleted from the CMD buffer. The length of extracted data is limited by one of the two factors (whichever is smaller): the amount of data in the CMD buffer itself and the capacity of the "receiving" buffer variable.

Several inband commands may be waiting in the CMD buffer. Each command will always be complete (i.e., there will be no situation when you will extract a portion of the command because the end of this command hasn't arrived yet).

Inband commands stored in the CMD buffer will have an escape character (see the sock.escchar property) and the character after the escape character already cut off, but the end character (see the sock.endchar property) will still be present. Therefore, your application can separate inband commands from each other by finding the end characters.

.getinband Method