.redmap Property


For the selected LED channel (selection is made through the pat.channel property), sets/returns the number of the I/O line that will act as a red LED control line.


Enum (pl_int_num, byte)

Value Range:

Platform-specific, see the list of pl_int_num constants in the platform specifications.

Default values:

  • Channel 0: (–1) (no mapping, read-only): the green status LED (control line) of <%C%> device is always used by this channel;
  • Channels 1-4: PL_IO_NULL (non-existent line).

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Channel 0 is special — its LED control lines can't be remapped. This is because channel 0 uses the standard green and red status LEDs (they are called SG and SR). For channel 0, reading the property always returns (–1), and writing has no effect.

All other channels use the regular I/O lines of Tibbo devices. Any I/O line can be selected to be the red control line of the selected channel. By default, all control lines are mapped to the non-existent line PL_IO_NULL. Remap as needed and don't forget to configure the selected I/O line as an output — this won't happen automatically.

.redmap Property