.portenabled Property


Sets/returns the state of the output buffers for the currently selected I/O port (selection is made through the io.portnum property).



Value Range:

Default = 0 (all eight I/O lines of the port are configured as inputs)

See Also:

Controlling Output Buffers, io.portstate


Each I/O port groups eight I/O lines. Each bit of this property's byte value corresponds to one "member" I/O line.  Setting the bit to 0 keeps the output buffer turned off, while setting the bit to 1 enables the output buffer.

Depending on the platform, explicit configuration of the output buffers may or may not be required. For information on your device, see its platform documentation (for example, the EM1000's is here). The property is either not available or has no effect on platforms that do not require buffer configuration.

.portenabled Property