.getattributes Method


Returns the attributes string for a file with the specified file name.


fd.getattributes(byref name as string) as string


The string with attributes (may be up to 54 characters long) or an empty string if no attributes were set for this file. The method also affects the state of fd.laststatus. The following status codes are possible:

0 — PL_FD_STATUS_OK: Completed successfully.

1 — PL_FD_STATUS_FAIL : Physical flash memory failure (fatal).

2 — PL_FD_STATUS_CHECKSUM_ERR: Checksum error has been detected in one of the disk sectors (fatal).

3 — PL_FD_STATUS_FORMAT_ERR: Disk formatting error has been detected (fatal).

8 — PL_FD_STATUS_NOT_READY: The disk is not mounted.

9 — PL_FD_STATUS_NOT_FOUND: File not found.

See Also:

Reading and Writing File Attributes, Creating, Deleting, and Renaming Files, File Names and Attributes, fd.setattributes, fd.create




A string (1-56 characters) with the file name. All characters after the first space encountered (excluding leading spaces) will be ignored. File names are case-sensitive.