Ethernet Port Lines

The Ethernet port of the EM1206 is of the 10/100BaseT type. Onboard electronics of the EM1206 do not include Ethernet magnetics, so magnetic circuitry must be connected externally to the TX+, TX–, RX+, RX–, and AVCC pins. The AVCC pin outputs clean 1.8V power for the magnetics circuitry, which is very sensitive to noise. A separate analog ground (AGND) is also provided. Please, note the following:

You can use either a standalone magnetics part (such as YCL-PH163112) or an RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics (i.e., YCL-PTC1111-01G). Here is a connection diagram for the YCL-PTC1111-01G jack with integrated magnetics.

A circuit diagram illustrating the connections between an EM1206 and a YCL-PTC1111-01G.

Alternatively, you can use the EM1206 in combination with the RJ203 jack/magnetics module. The unique patent-pending design of the RJ203 "tucks" the EM1206 under the RJ203, thus minimizing required host PCB space. For more information, see the RJ203 documentation (a mechanical drawing of the EM1206+RJ203 module combination can be found here).