Ordering Info and Specifications

The  numbering scheme for DS10x4 devices is as follows:

An illustration of the numbering scheme for DS10x4 devices.

DS1014 devices without the "G," "C," or "GC" options are not being offered by Tibbo. If you want to purchase an Ethernet-only device (i.e., without any wireless options), then order the DS1004 instead.

External Antenna

The DS1014 can be ordered with the Wi-Fi and/or GPRS options. The Wi-Fi interface works better when equipped with an antenna. In the absence of Wi-Fi antenna, the Wi-Fi interface still works (relying on a small "chip" antenna on the GA1000), but the operating range is reduced. The GPRS interface can't work without the antenna at all. Therefore:

Hardware Specifications

Network side

DS1004: NB1000 + LB1000

DS1014: NB1000 + LB1000

Interface side

IB1004 + SB1004 + LB1001

Supply voltage range

DC 10VDC ~ 18VDC (12VDC nominal)

Operating temperature

–30°C to +80°C

Operating relative humidity

10% ~ 90%

Mechanical dimensions


Carton dimensions


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Ordering Info and Specifications

External Antenna

Hardware Specifications