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API procedure, starts the search for the specified access point in order to obtain its signal strength.


function wln_rescan(byref ap_name as string) as en_wln_status_codes


One of these en_wln_status_codes: WLN_STATUS_OK, WLN_STATUS_NOT_STARTED, WLN_STATUS_BUSY

See Also:

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The SSID (name) of the access point to search for.


The purpose of wln_rescan() is to help you find out if there is an access point in range that has a "better signal". This function starts the process, which then proceeds in the background without stalling your application. Once the scanning is finished, callback_wln_rescan_result() is called.

If several access points with the same SSID are in range, callback_wln_rescan_result() will return the signal strength for the access point with the strongest signal.

The WLN library uses active scanning (wln.activescan) and, therefore, will be able to find access points that do not broadcast their SSIDs.

You can't use this function before calling wln_start().