.Domain Property

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Selects the domain (area of the world) in which this device is operating. This defines the list of channels on which the Wi-Fi interface will perform active scanning or associate with wireless networks.


Enum (pl_wln_domains, byte)

Value Range:

0- PL_WLN_DOMAIN_FCC (default): FCC domain (US). Allowed channels: 1-11.

1- PL_WLN_DOMAIN_EU: European Union. Allowed channels: 1-13.

2- PL_WLN_DOMAIN_JAPAN: Japan. Allowed channels: 1-14.

3- PL_WLN_DOMAIN_OTHER: All other countries. Allowed channels: 1-11.

See Also:

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This property can't be changed while the Wi-Fi hardware is operational (wln.enabled= 1- YES). Note that domain selection only affects active scanning (wln.activescan)  and association (wln.associate). Passive scanning (wln.scan) is not restricted by the selected domain in any way, because the GA1000 will only listen for incoming Wi-Fi signals, without actually transmitting anything. Selected domain also doesn't limit the ability of the Wi-Fi interface to start its own ad-hoc network (wln.networkstart) on whatever channel you specify.