Disassociating From a Network

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To disassociate from a network, use the wln.disassociate method. Note that wln.disassociate is a wln task and there is a certain correct way of handling tasks.


Wln.disassociate will be rejected (return 1- REJECTED) if:

Another task is currently in progress.

The Wi-Fi add-on module is not booted property (wln.enabled= 0- NO).

The Wi-Fi interface is not currently associated (wln.associationstate<>0- PL_WLN_NOT_ASSOCIATED).



'disassociate now


While wln.task<>PL_WLN_TASK_IDLE




When the Wi-Fi module disassociates from an access point, an on_wln_event(PL_WLN_EVENT_DISASSOCIATED) event is generated.