Booting Up the Hardware

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Booting up the GA1000 hardware is done through the wln.boot method. The GA1000 does not have a ROM or flash memory and its internal processor executes the firmware from RAM. Before the GA1000 module can start working, you need to upload this firmware into it, and this is what wln.boot really does.

The firmware file is called "ga1000fw.bin" (the file can be downloaded from Tibbo website). The file must be added to your Tibbo BASIC/C project as a binary resource file.

Access to resource files is through the romfile. object. First, you open the "ga1000fw.bin" file with the method, then pass the pointer to this file (value of the romfile.offset R/O property) to the wln.boot method:



'boot it up"ga1000fw.bin")

If wln.boot(romfile.offset) Then

  'something is wrong, react to this


End If



The boot takes 1-3 seconds to complete. The method will return 0- OK if the boot was completed successfully. At that moment, wln.enabled will become 1- YES.

The boot will fail (return 1- NG) if:

The Wi-Fi hardware is not powered, not properly reset, mapped incorrectly, or malfunctions.

The offset to the firmware file is incorrect or the file is not included in your project.

The Wi-Fi hardware is already booted and operational.