Working with the TPS2L Keypad

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The TPP2 board can be supplied as a part of the size 2 Tibbo Project System with LCD/keys (TPS2L, see Programmable Hardware Manual). This device features a 4-key sensor keypad.

Use the code below to setup the kp. object for working with the keypad of the TPS2L and reset the keypad:


Tibbo BASIC:

'Reset the touch controller of the keypad
'Setup the kp. object
kp.returnlinesmapping="36,37,38,39" 'no return lines


The key_code argument of the on_kp event will return the following key codes:

Code 0 for the leftmost key

Code 1 for the second key (counting from the left)

Code 2 for the third key (counting from the left)

Code 3 for the rightmost key