Stg_timestamp Global Variable

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Stg_timestamp variable is used for working with setting timestamps. The variable is only available when the Timestamp option is enabled.

Set this variable to the desired value prior to calling stg_sg(,,,EN_STG_SET), stg_set(), stg_set_ts(), stg_restore_multiple(), or stg_restore_members().

The variable will contain the timestamp of the setting in question after the call to stg_sg(,,,EN_STG_GET) or stg_get().

The variable is defined as follows:



type struct_stg_timestamp

 ts_daycount as word

 ts_mincount as word

 ts_seconds as byte

 ts_milsec as word

end type


declare stg_timestamp as struct_stg_timestamp



Note that it is the responsibility of your application to set and interpret timestamps. The STG library does not access the real-time clock of your system and does not verify the contents of stg_timestamp variable.