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Object reference section is a repository for all objects that have ever been created. The platform you are working with does not necessarily support every object. See your platform specifications- you will find the list of supported objects there.


Objects are...

Beep — generates buzzer patterns.
Button — monitors MD line (setup button).
Fd — manages flash memory file system and direct sector access.
Io — handles I/O lines, ports, and interrupts.
Kp — scans keypads of matrix and "binary" types.
Lcd — controls graphical display panels (several types supported).
Net — controls Ethernet port.
Pat — "plays" patterns on up to five LED pairs.
Ppp — accesses the Internet over the modem.
Pppoe — accesses the Internet over the ADSL modem.
Romfile — facilitates access to resource files (fixed data).
Rtc — keeps track of date and time.
Ser — up to 4 serial ports (UART, Wiegand, and clock/data modes).
Sock — socket comms (up to 16 UDP, TCP, and HTTP sessions).
Ssi — up to four serial synchronous interface channels (for SPI, I2C, etc.).
Stor — provides access to the EEPROM.
Sys — in charge of general device functionality.
Wln — handles Wi-Fi interface (requires GA1000 add-on module).