Properties and Methods

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The following classification groups properties and methods of the lcd. object by their logical function.


LCD panel characteristics:

lcd.paneltype [R/O Property]
lcd.pixelpacking [R/O Property]
lcd.bitsperpixel [R/O Property]
lcd.redbits [R/O Property]
lcd.greenbits [R/O Property]
lcd.bluebits [R/O Property]


Preparing to work:

lcd.iomapping [Property]
lcd.width [Property]
lcd.height [Property]
lcd.inverted [Property]
lcd.rotated [Property]
lcd.enabled [Property]


Graphical operations:

lcd.setpixel [Method]
lcd.forecolor [Property]
lcd.backcolor [Property]
lcd.linewidth [Property]

- lcd.line [Method]

- lcd.horline [Method]

- lcd.verline [Method]

- lcd.rectangle [Method]

- lcd.filledrectangle [Method]

- lcd.fill [Method]

lcd.setfont [Method]
lcd.fontheight [R/O Property]
lcd.fontpixelpacking [R/O Property]
lcd.textalignment [Property]
lcd.textorientation [Property]
lcd.texthorizontalspacing [Property]
lcd.textverticalspacing [Property]

- lcd.print [Method]

- lcd.printaligned [Method]

- lcd.getprintwidth [Method]

lcd.bmp [Method]



lcd.error [R/O Property]
lcd.lock [Method]
lcd.unlock [Method]
lcd.lockcount [R/O Property]