Step-by-Step Usage Instructions

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Minimal steps

1.Make sure you have the SOCK library in your project.

1.Add scap.tbs, scap.tbh, scap.html, and scap_bmpfile.html files to your project (they are in current_library_set\scap\).

2.Change the type of scap.html and scap_bmpfile.html files:

a.Right-click on each file in the Files pane;

b.In the Change File Type dialog, select HTML File (BASIC) under Type.

3.Add include "scap\scap.tbh" to the includes section of the global.tbh file.

4.Call scap_start() to initialize the library. Observe the result — if the function returns anything other than EN_SCAP_STATUS_OK then something went wrong!

5.Make sure your app properly sets up the lcd. object and the LCD screen the SCAP library does not take care of this.

6.Make sure that your device is running with a valid IP address. This is necessary because screen grabs are obtained via an HTML page.

7.To capture the screen, point your browser to http://<your device's IP address>/scap.html and click the Capture the screen button on the HTML page.