The Steps

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Here is our action plan for creating a simple access control application. To follow the steps, download archive from our website:


The archive contains all the implementation steps as listed below:


1. Prepare (install, configure) the AggreGate server and client.
2. Embryonic project — the device connects to the server, does nothing else (test_agg_lib_1).
3. Add setting A-variables for storing the device configuration (test_agg_lib_2).
4. Add table A-variable for storing user codes (test_agg_lib_3).
5. Add an A-function for remote door unlocking (test_agg_lib_4).
6. Generate instant A-event on device boot (test_agg_lib_5).
7. Generate stored A-event for access control activity reporting (test_agg_lib_6).
8. Add the glue code that ties it all together (test_agg_lib_6).