Programmable Devices

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Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices come in four flavors:


Tibbo Project System (TPS)

Create your very own control device by combining Tibbit(R) modules of your choice.

Each Tibbit implements a dedicated function and dozens of different Tibbits are available!

The TPS line features an ingenious award-winning enclosure system so there is no need to think of a housing for your project.



Programmable Serial Controllers

Control serial devices with these "super device servers".

Not just dumb pipes for data, our serial controllers act as intelligent nodes executing your custom applications.





Boards are self-sufficient devices. They have their own power supply, RJ45 connector, LED indicators, and so on.

Boards are perfect for low-volume production and hobbyist projects alike.



Use one of these to build your very own IoT device.

Modules are not self-sufficient — they require a host board with power, RJ45, etc.

To simplify your development life consider investing in a starter kit. We have a dedicated kit for each module type.



Simulator_iconTiOS Simulator

TiOS Simulator is program that runs under Windows and emulates a simple programmable Tibbo device.

The Simulator is an excellent choice for when you want to get acquainted with our development system, but not yet ready to invest in real Tibbo hardware.