Setup (MD) Button (Line)

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Tibbo boards* and external controllers (such as the DS1206) have a button called "setup" or "MD" button ("MD" abbreviation stands for "mode"). Tibbo modules (such as the EM1000) have an MD pin for connecting an external button.


The setup button (line) has three functions:

When a Tibbo BASIC/C application is running, it can use the button for its own purposes (see the button. object).

When the device is password-protected, keeping the button pressed while accessing the device from TIDE allows to bypass the password. This is the way to reset the password on the device.

When the device is powered up (exits from the hardware reset) with the button pressed (line pulled low), it enters a firmware upgrade mode in which new TiOS firmware, possibly with compiled Tibbo BASIC/C application attached, can be uploaded into the device. If the device is powered up with the setup button not pressed (line not pulled low), the device starts the execution of the TiOS firmware (if loaded).


* This only applies to boards that carry one of Tibbo modules or directly incorporate BASIC/C-programmable hardware (such as the T1000 ASIC).