Password for On-the-fly Commands (<connection clogin>)

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Syntax:<connection ... [clogin="pwd"]/>


If omitted:Password will not be added to on-the-fly commands


Relevance conditions:onthefly= "outofband" or "inband"


See also:Out-of-band (UDP) programming, Login (L) command, On-the-fly Password (OP) setting, Password (PW) setting


Clogin (command login) parameter specifies the password that should be added to the on-the-fly commands. On-the-fly commands can be sent without prior login using Login (L) command. Instead, the password can be added to each command individually (see out-of-band (UDP) programming).  On-the-fly Password (OP) settingon the DS must be programmed to 1 (enabled) to make the DS check the password. Password specified by the clogin parameter must match the one defined through the Password (PW) setting of the DS.


When clogin parameter is omitted all on-the-fly commands are sent without password. This parameter is only relevant when on-the-fly commands are not disabled.