Bind Port (<port> Parameter)

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Syntax:<bind ... port="[port]"/>


Default value (if omitted):Parameter is mandatory


Relevance conditions:rmode="server" or "server/client"


See also:Port Number (PN) setting (DS), listening port (VSP for Windows)        


Port parameter specifies the port number on the PC that will be associated with this VSP. This port serves as a "listening port" for incoming data connections, when such connections are allowed by the routing mode of the VSP. Additionally, in case of UDP transport protocol and server/client routing mode, the port is also used to send outgoing UDP datagrams. For more details see additional info on UDP and TCP connections.


This parameter must be specified and cannot be omitted.


Port parameter works like the Port Number (PN) setting of the DS and  listening portoption of the VSP for Windows.