Source IP Filtering (SF) setting

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Description (see setting description format info here)


Function:Defines whether the DS will accept incoming data connections from any network host (filtering disabled) or specific host only (filtering enabled)


Set (S) command format:SSFx, where x: 0 (disabled), 1 (enabled)


Get (G) command format:GSF


Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally, through network command, serial command, or quick initialization


Post-initialization value:0 (disabled)


Change takes effect:After reboot


Overriding param/instr:Source IP Filtering (SF) parameter


Relevance conditions:Current Routing Mode (RM) [setting/parameter]= 0 (server) or 1 (server/client)


First introduced:V3.24/3.54


See also:Ethernet port and network communications




When Source IP Filtering is 0 (disabled) the DS will accept an incoming data connection from any network host.


When Source IP Filtering is 1 (enabled) the DS will accept an incoming data connection only from host whose IP-address matches the one specified by current Destination IP-address [setting/parameter].


Since out-of-band on-the-fly commands (network-side parameters issued using Parameter (P) command) can also be considered a part of a data connection the DS will reject any such command that comes from a "wrong" IP-address while source IP-address filtering is enabled.


This setting is irrelevant when current Routing Mode (RM) [setting/parameter] is 2 (client) because in this mode the DS won't accept incoming connections at all.