Start Character Code (S1) setting

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Description (see setting description format info here)


Function:Defines ASCII code of the start character 


Set (S) command format:SS1ccc, where ccc is the ASCII code of the start character in the 0-255 range


Get (G) command format:GS1


Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally, through network command, serial command, or quick initialization


Post-initialization value:0


Change takes effect:After reboot or exiting the serial programming mode


Overriding parameter:---


Relevance conditions:Start On Any Character (SA) setting= 0 (disabled) AND Use Start Character (F1) setting= 1 (enabled)


First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51


See also:Serial-to-Ethernet data routing




This setting defines the ASCII code of the start character that can open the serial data block. Start character must be enabled separately through the Use Start Character (F1) setting. Serial data blocks are related to routing the data in the serial-to-Ethernet direction. See serial-to-Ethernet data routing for more information. 


Start Character Code is irrelevant when the Start on Any Character (SA) setting is 1 (enabled) because in this case the new serial data block is opened by any character and there is no need to set a specific start character.