Destination Port Number (DP) parameter

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Description (see parameter description format info here)


Function:Overrides Destination Port Number (PN) setting


Parameter (P) cmd format:PDPppppp, where ppppp is the port number of the destination in the 0-65535 range


Possible replies:A, C, R


Relevance conditions:Current Routing Mode (RM) [setting/ parameter]= 1 (server/client) or 2 (client)


First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51


See also:Ethernet port and network communicationsEstablish Connection (CE) instruction




Destination Port Number parameter overrides the Destination Port Number (DI) setting.


Error (C) reply code is returned if the data supplied in the command is invalid. Rejected (R) reply code is returned if:


Command is issued while the IP-address of the DS is not properly configured (DHCP (DH) settingis 1 (enabled) and the DS hasn't yet obtained the IP-address from the DHCP server).


Current data connection state is not "closed". Destination port number cannot be changed while the data connection is in progress. Close (or shut) the connection using the Close Connection (CC) instruction or Abort Connection (CA) instruction first. Current connection status can be verified through Echo (X) command (c flag).