Baudrate (BR) parameter

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Description (see parameter description format info here)


Function:Overrides Baudrate (BR) setting


Parameter (P) cmd format:PBRx, where x: 0 (1200bps), 1 (2400bps), 2 (4800bps), 3 (9600bps), 4 (19200bps), 5 (38400bps), 6 (57600bps), 7 (115200bps), 8 (150bps), 9 (300bps), 10 (600bps), 11 (28800bps)


Possible replies:A, C, D, R


Relevance conditions:---


First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51


See also:Serial port and serial communications




Baudrate parameter overrides the Baudrate (BR) setting.


Error (C) reply code is returned if the data supplied in the command is invalid. Denied (D) reply code is returned if:


On-the-fly Commands (RC) setting is 0 (disabled).


If no password or incorrect password is supplied while the On-the-fly Password (OP) setting is 1 (enabled) and the password is set (value of the Password (PW) setting is not <NULL>).


Rejected (R) reply code is returned if this command is sent while the DS is in the serial programming mode.