Invalid IP-address

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Message text:This IP-address is invalid. Setting it will result in the inability to access the Device Server through the network


May appear in:Auto-discovery access mode; Change IP function




Certain IP-addresses are invalid in principle and should never be used. Many devices and operating systems (including Windows) automatically discard network packets that refer to such invalid IPs. Assigning an invalid IP to the DS can make it inaccessible over the network.


Here is the list of IP-addresses that should not be used:


x.x.x.0 (i.e. 0 in the last number, as in


x.x.x.255 (i.e. 255 in the last number, as in


>223.x.x.x (i.e. a number that is more than 223 in the first number, as in


Latest firmware versions of the DS prevent such invalid IPs from being used- the DS will automatically assume a modified and correct IP-address if invalid one is set (see IP-address (IP) setting for more information). Older firmware versions did not have this protection so the DS Manager itself also prevents invalid IP-addresses from being set.


Programmer's info:


IP-address is changed using the Assign IP-address (A) command.