Changing IP-address (Change IP Button)

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The DS Manager provides a way to assign a new IP-address to the DS over the network. This is done by sending a broadcast command that refers to the target DS by its MAC-address*. All Device Servers on a local network segment will receive the broadcast but only the one whose MAC-address matches the one specified in the broadcast will react.


The feature will work even if the DS had an unreachable or invalid IP-address. The disadvantage is that, since the broadcasts cannot pass through the routers, the feature can only be used with local Device Servers and, therefore, is limited to the auto-discovery access mode.


To assign a new IP-address to the DS click the Change IP button, input the new IP-address and click OK. 


Programmer's info:


This function relies on the Assign IP-address (A) command.


*MAC-addresses are unique for all Device Servers (and, in fact, all Ethernet devices).