DMK100 DIN Rail/ Wall Mounting Kit

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DMK100 DIN Rail/Wall Mounting Kit is used for wall or DIN-rail mounting of DS100 and DS203 Serial Device Servers. The kit includes:


Metal Plate x1


DIN Rail Mounting Bracket x2


Screw x6


Wall installation of the DS100/DS202


The Metal Plate has two pairs of mounting holes- one for "permanent" installation and another one for "easy removal".




Attach the Metal plate to the DS100/DS202 as shown below.




DIN Rail installation of the DS100/DS203


First, assemble the parts as shown on Figure below.




Next, attach the Metal Plate to the DS100/DS203:




Latch the DS100/DS203 onto the DIN Rail as shown below. IMPORTANT! Be careful when removing the DS100/DS203 from the DIN rail. Applying too much force may damage the Mounting Brackets or render them too loose.