Parameter (P) command

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Description (see command description format info here)


Function:Sends parameter or instruction to the DS


Can be issued through:Network (broadcasts ignored*, login not required, immediate authentication for this command can be enabled); serial port


Command format:P<relevant data> (see description of individual parameters and instructions for details)


Possible replies:A, C, D, R


First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51


See also:Parameters and instructions, Authentication




Command code 'P' (Parameter) serves as a "common entry point" for sending a variety of parameters and instructions.


Network Parameter command can be made to require immediate authentication. To enable this feature:


On-the-Fly Password (OP) setting must be programmed to 1 (enabled);


Password (PW) setting must contain a password (i.e. a string of non-zero length).


When two above conditions are met each network Parameter command sent to the DS must contain a password, which is to be added at the end of the command after a slash character.


Example: below is the parameter command that changes the baudrate. The password is "123pwd"**:


-->DS:        PBR4/123pwd

DS-->:        A


If no password or incorrect password is supplied when the password is expected the Denied (D) reply code is returned.


* Without prior selection using Select In Broadcast Mode (W) command.


** Encapsulation characters such as IEC, STX, CR, and the command ID field are not shown.