Jump To NetLoader (N) command

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Description (see command description format info here)


Function:Jumps to (launches) the NetLoader


Can be issued through:Network (broadcasts ignored*, login required). UDP only, TCP/Telnet not supported.


Command format:N


Possible replies:A, D, F


First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14, not supported by Release3.5 firmware branch


See also:NetLoader




This command is only used on first-generation Devices (i.e. it is implemented on Release3 firmware only).


Jump To NetLoader command verifies  NetLoaderpresence and integrity, then launches it. NetLoader integrity is verified by calculating the checksum on its code and comparing this checksum with the stored one. The NetLoader is not launched if the checksum is found to be invalid.


This command requires prior login using the Login (L) command (programming session must be opened). Denied (D) reply code is returned if the programming session is not in progress or if it doesn't belong to the sender of the Jump To NetLoader command- the DS remembers the IP-address of the network host that opens the programming session and requires that all subsequent commands (that require prior login) are sent from the same IP.


Failed (F) reply code is returned if the NetLoader is found to be corrupted.


* Without prior selection using Select In Broadcast Mode (W) command.