Connecting WA2000 to Tibbo Devices

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The WA2000 communicates with Tibbo devices through an SPI interface. Five interface lines are involved:

CS chip select;

CLK clock;

DI data in (must be connected to the DO line of the host);

DO data out (must be connected to DI line of the host);

RST – reset.


The wln. object directly controls four interface lines CS, CLK, DI, and DO. The RST line is not directly controlled by the wln. object, so providing a proper hardware reset is your application's responsibility. Any suitable GPIO line can be connected to the RST line. To reset the WA2000, set the RST line LOW, wait for 1ms, then set the line HIGH.


All Tibbo devices that can work with the WA2000 allow remapping of CS, CLK, DI, and DO lines. This is done through wln.csmap, wln.clkmap, wln.dimap, and wln.domap properties.