Update history

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Documented the EM510 IoT module.

Documented WA2000 connection to the EM510 module.

Reworked the EM500EV section into the EM500EV/EM510EV.



Updated DS1101 and DS1102 devices with information about the "W" (802.11abgn) option.



Documented Cable Probes.



Documented RS485 Modbus Sensors ("Bus Probes").

Documented the WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on module.

Amended Mechanical Dimensions and Ordering Info and Specifications topics of the EM2000 module (added the info about the WA2000 device and EM2000 + WA2000 combinations).

Updated the following topics (sections): Setup (MD) Button (Line), Status LEDs (LED Control Lines), Monitor/Loader (M/L).



Corrected the block diagram for Tibbit #53.



Updated Detailed Device Info for the EM2001



Documented ADC functionality of EM2000, EM2001, and TPP3(G2) devices.



Documented Tibbit #53 (isolated 4-20mA ADC)



Documented Tibbit #22 (RTD temperature meter)



Corrected the operating temperature range for the EM2001 (it is -40 to +80 C)



Documented Tibbit #52 (4-channel isolated +/-10V ADC)



Documented the EM2001 board



Documented the EM2000EV board



Documented the EM2000 module (photo not yet available).



Documented Tibbits #04-5, #04-6, #04-7, #04-8, #27, #48, #49, #50, #51, #54, #56, #58, #59.

Documented changed introduced in the revision B of Tibbit #08.

Documented changed introduced in the revision B of Tibbit #05.



Corrected pin assignment in RS232 and RS422 modes for Tibbit #02.



On the advice of one of our customers, we added EEPROM and flash write endurance warning messages and information throughout the manual (example: EM2000/Flash and EEPROM memory), update device specifications with EEPROM and flash endurance info (example: EM1000/Ordering Info and Specifications).

Added new Common vs. Proprietary Knowledge topic.

Added new Prolonging and Estimating EEPROM life topic.



Updated test project links for Tibbits ##13, 14, 16, 17, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 40, 41, 42, 57.

Added info on the SIM card holder location for GPRS Tibbit (#47).



DocumentedTibbit #57 (FPGA Tibbit).



Documented new TPP2(G2) and TPP3(G2) boards.



Documented Tibbit #26 (IR command processor).



Documented the LTPP3 board.



Documented the H2 Tibbit form factor.



Documented the EM1001 board.



Documented Tibbits #25, #38, #39, #40, #41, #42.



Documented Tibbits #16, #17, and #31.



Updated documentation for the following Tibbits: #12, #13, #14, #28, #29, #30, #35, #36.

Revealed these upcoming Tibbits: #25, #31, #38, #39, #40, #41, #42.



Corrections made to the Tibbo Project System (TPS) documentation (notably, there are several new diagrams).



Documented Tibbo Project System (TPS).


01SEP2012 release

Documented DS110x devices.


06FEB2012 release

Documented the NB1010 board.

Expanded DS10xx documentation to include devices based on the NB1010.

Documented TB1000, TB1004, and TB1005 adaptors.

Updated EM500EV documentation in connection with the release of the new IB1 (Wi-Fi/flash) board.

Corrected Ethernet Port Lines topic in EM1206 documentation to note correct voltage (1.8V instead of 2.5V).

Updated the ordering info for most products.


30MAY2011 release

Expanded and corrected GA1000 documentation:

- Many small corrections throughout;

- Correction in I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions (of the GA1000): DI and DO pins were shown incorrectly (swapped);

- One new Connecting GA1000 to Tibbo Devices topic.

Expanded and corrected EM500 documentation:

- Many small corrections throughout;

- Flash and EEPROM Memory topic now provides information on connecting external flash IC for fd. object.

- I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions contains information about attaching external flash IC and GA1000.  


25MAY2011 release

Corrected a part number in EM1206 Ordering Info and Specifications.


16MAY2011 release

Edited EM500 manual: provided details on how an external flash IC can be connected to the EM500.


21MAR2011 release

Removed all references to WA1000. This legacy module is no longer supported.


8MAR2011 release

Replaced references to obsolete WA1000 with GA1000, updated part numbers and links.


16FEB2011 release

Updated list of power adaptors.


14FEB2011 release

Corrected typographical error in PSU part numbers (APR instead of ARP)


04JAN2011 release

Updated image on EM1000TEV topic to reflect use of GA1000 component.


03DEC2010 release

Added pin diameter for EM500, EM1206, EM1202, EM200, EM1000


20JUL2010 release

Documented EM500EV.

Reworked Status LEDs topic.

Reworked Setup Button (MD line) topic, also renamed it to "Setup (MD) Button (Line)".



22JUN2010 release

Corrected various documentation errors, including incorrect model numbers in DS1000, DS1002, DS1003 (4 Serial Ports) topic.



17JUN2010 release

Clarified and expanded External LED Control topic for NB1000.



15JUN2010 release

Fixed incorrect reference to Winstar LCD model number (replaced WG12864F with WG12864A)

Fixed GA1000 max. power consumption.

Fixed lines 6 and 7 in EM1206 I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions



01JUN2010 release

Updated Module Comparison Table.

Documented EM500.



01FEB2010 release

Updated NB10x0 and IB100x Boards section (new IB1004 + SB1004, IB1005 + SB1005 devices). Almost every pre-existing topic has also been edited.

Updated DS10xx Family section -- again, almost every topic has been edited.

Documented TB1000, TB1004, and TB1005 accessories.



29JUL2009 release

Documented the following products: EM1206, EM1206EV, GA1000, DS1206, DS1206N, DS1202, and EM1202EV.

Edited cover pages for EM1000 and EM1202 products.

Edited Ordering Info and Specifications for EM1000 and EM1202 devices.

Created Status LEDs and Setup Button (MD line) topics, added links to these new topics from each product's manual.

Edited I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions topics of EM1000 and EM1202 modules.



Initial release

Revamped DS1000 description. It now includes DS1001 and DS1002 devices. Content is totally new -- the manual simply refers to the NB1000 and IB1000-2 docs.

Documented IB1004 and DS1004 devices.

Documented IB1005 and DS1005 devices.


The Programmable Hardware Manual is a spin-off of the Tibbo Document System Manual. Original split was performed on 09JUN2008.