Status LEDs (LED Control Lines)

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BASIC/C-programmable devices supplied by Tibbo have several LEDs (or lines to control externally attached LEDs).


Red and Green status LEDs

Every Tibbo device has two status LEDs — red and green — that are used to indicate various device modes and states. We refer to these LEDs as "Status green" (SG) and "Status Red" (SR) LEDs. These LEDs are used:

By the Monitor/Loader (M/L):

oDuring the device boot, after the M/L verifies the integrity of TiOS, these LEDs may show the "TiOS is not loaded or corrupted" error;

oWhen the M/L is in one of the update modes, these LEDs indicate the update progress and various update errors.

By TiOS:

oWhen a Tibbo BASIC/C app is not running, these LEDs show the current state of the Tibbo BASIC/C app;

oWhen a Tibbo BASIC/C app is running, the status LEDs are under the control of the app (thought the pat. object).


The following table summarizes important LED patterns that you will need to recognize:


During the device boot, after the Monitor/Loader (M/L) verifies the integrity of TiOS:





Green and red LEDs blinking in turns at high speed

TiOS is not loaded or corrupted


When the M/L is in one of the update modes:








Green LED is permanently on

The M/L is ready to receive a file





Green LED is flickering unevenly

The M/L is receiving a file





Red LED is permanently on

The WA2000 is booting (for the BLE update)





Green and redLEDs permanently on

The M/L is copying data after receiving the file via the BLE interface





Green LED blinking at slow speed

File upload completed successfully





"One long + one short" red LED pattern

Communications error during the file transfer

(or when trying to boot the WA2000**)




"One long + two short" red LED pattern

The file is too large




"One long + three short" red LED pattern

FLASH memory failure




"One long + four short" red LED pattern

The file is invalid (that is, contains invalid data)




Red LED blinking at low speed

Timeout while waiting for XModem file sending to start****




* X = XModem serial updates, E = Ethernet updates, B = Bluetooth Low-Energy updates.

** Pertains only to hardware and the M/L versions supporting BLE updates. The error will be shown when the WA2000 is malfunctioning, not present, or when the Wi-Fi add-on installed is not the WA2000.

*** Instead of indicating these states using LEDs, the M/L reports them to the Device Exlorer utility (that is used to send the file to Tibbo devices via the Ethernet network.

**** Legacy error. We are removing it from our M/L code.


When TiOS is running AND a Tibbo BASIC app is not executing:





Green LED blinking at high speed

A valid Tibbo BASIC/C app is loaded (and is not executing)


Red LED blinking at high speed

Tibbo BASIC/C appn is not loaded or corrupted


Ethernet status LEDs

Many devices also have one or two LEDs that indicate the status of the Ethernet link. See the <%P-H-G%> for details.


Status LEDs of the EM500 device

On the EM500, externally connected SR and SG LEDs function just as described above, but with one caveat: the brightness of these LEDs is indicative of the current Ethernet link state. When live Ethernet cable is not plugged into the device, these LEDs "play" patterns at a reduced brightness. When a live Ethernet cable is plugged into the EM500, these LEDs "play" patterns at full brightness.