Firmware Upgrades

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Unlike the GA1000 add-on, the WA2000 stores its firmware in an onboard flash memory and does not require the firmware to be sent into the WA2000 on every boot. The WA2000 carries two distinct firmware files: the application firmware and the internal Monitor/Loader (M/L) of the WA2000. Both firmware files can be updated using the following methods:

From the host Tibbo device, using a Tibbo BASIC updater application [SPECIFY NAME]. This application relies on the extended wln. object supporting writes into the WA2000's flash memory. You can find the application here: [SPECIFY].

Over-the-air (OTA), from an iOS or Android device, using a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) link. This is covered by the BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) Updates topic. As the topic states, "BLE updates can be used to upload new TiOS firmware, Tibbo BASIC/C application, and even the internal firmware and the internal Monitor/Loader of the WA2000!" What's more, all of this is accomplished using a single update file.*


* OTA updates are only possible when the WA2000 is connected to one of the following products: EM2000, EM2001, TPP2(G2), or TPP3(G2).