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The EM500EV (with IB0 interface board)


The EM500EV Evaluation System offers a convenient way of testing the EM500 BASIC/C-programmable Embedded module. The EM500EV consists of two boards:

EM500EV-MB0 motherboard with EM500 module.

Either the "IB0" or "IB1" interface board:

 - The EM500EV-IB0 board implements the RS232 interface with RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR, and DTR lines.

 - The EM500EV-IB1 board provides a connector for the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module, 1024KBytes of flash memory, and a limited RS232 interface (RX, TX, CTS, RTS).


Tibbo offers a fully functional serial-over-IP application that can be tested on the EM500EV. Written in Tibbo BASIC, the application is compatible with Tibbo Device Server Toolkit software, comes with complete source code, and can be modified by the user.