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The EM2000EV is a low-cost board for evaluating the EM2000 BASIC/C-programmable IoT Module (the module is not included with the board and must be purchased separately).


em2000ev- pin assignment


The EM2000EV board incorporates the following:

Two 15x2 and one 6x2 female sockets (shown in gray) for plugging in the EM2000 IoT module (not included with the EM2000EV).

Two additional 15x2 female sockets (shown in black) located on the sides of the EM2000. Each pin on these sockets is connected to a corresponding pin on the EM2000's socket.  

Power jack and a 3.3V switching power supply. The nominal input voltage is 12V.

Ethernet port — RJ45 jack with magnetics.

MD button.

Three LEDs:

SR (status red) and SG (status green) LEDs connected to SR and SG lines of the EM2000;

EY (Ethernet yellow) LED connected to the EY line of the EM2000.