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The EM120/200-EV Evaluation Board offers a convenient way of testing the EM120 (which is no longer supported as a programmable device) and EM200  embedded modules. The board features the following components:


A socket for EM120 or EM200 installation


Power jack and a switching power regulator (12VDC-->5VDC, adaptor current rating must be no less than 500mA)


RJ45 connector and 10/100BaseT Ethernet Magnetics (EM120 and EM200 do not have built-in magnetics)


DB9M RS232 connector and RS232 transceiver (supported signals are RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR)


Setup button (connected to the MD line of EM120/EM200)


Two Ethernet LEDs and two status LEDs (connected to LED lines of EM120/200). Further information on status LEDs can be found in Status LEDs.


Five additional LEDs connected to lines P0, P1, P6-8 of the EM120/EM200


15-pin expansion connector provides access to EM120/EM200's serial and general-purpose I/O pins (therefore, all I/O lines on this connector are of TTL type)