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The EM1206EV Evaluation Board offers a convenient way to test the EM1206 BASIC/C-programmable Ethernet module.

The board features the following components:


The EM1206 and RJ203 modules (assembled together and soldered into the EM1206EV board).

Connector for a wireless add-on module, such as the WA2000 Wi-Fi device (purchased separately).

Power jack and a switching power regulator.

Multi-channel RS232 port with three RS232 outputs and four RS232 inputs.

Expansion connector with GND, 3.3V (Vcc), 12V (Vin), and 8 TTL I/O lines.

Eight yellow LEDs to indicate the status of I/O lines (see RS232 port and Expansion Connector topic).

Four jumpers to select between RS232 port and expansion connector (see RS232 port and Expansion Connector topic).

Two buttons: setup (connected to the MD line of the EM1206), and reset (connected to the RST line).

Green and red status LEDs (connected to SG and SR lines of the EM1206). Further information on status LEDs can be found in Status LEDs.

Buzzer (connected to the CO line of the EM1206).

Supercapacitor (backup power source) for the RTC of the EM1206.


Board structure is further illustrated by this block diagram: